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Intertops Rakeback vs VIP Program - Which is Best for You?

Intertops Poker rakeback vs Intertops VIP program; a full and in-depth analysis of the subject - Also applies to Juicy Stakes Poker.


Intertops Poker Rakeback vs Intertops VIP

 *2016 Update: This analysis also applies to Juicy Stakes

Sometimes it can be difficult trying to determine whether or not you should be on a skin's rakeback program. Most all skins offer some kind of program by default - but are you getting the most bang for your raked buck?  We here at Professional Rakeback have secured some pivotal information that will assist your decision as it relates to Intertops Poker and their 36% VIP rakeback program. Thanks to some help from an Intertops rep, we have a general baseline of statistical information that should help you to make the best decision to maximize your money.

If you do not have rakeback on Intertops, you are more or less on their VIP program (though they simply call it the "non-rakeback" program) and as such, subject to the following FPP criteria:

$1 in rake in cash games = 1 FPP
$1 in rake in tourney fees = 7 FPP's

If you are on the 36% VIP rakeback deal, you are subject to the following FPP criteria:

$1 in rake in cash games = .5 FPP
$1 in rake in tourney fees = 3.5 FPP's

This would mean for montly leaderboard races, being a non-rakeback player would give you better odds at higher placement. More points and less playthrough = more money for you. However, players on a Rakeback program receive the following incentive:

$1 in rake in cash or tourney fees = $0.36 in rakeback

So, while non-rakeback program players can earn FPP's for leaderboards at a faster rate, rakeback program players earn real money on every dollar they contribute in rake. Additionally, montly leaderboards on Intertops can fluctuate wildly in terms of how many FPP's will end up putting you in the lead. To wit: in March's general leaderboard promotion, over 65,000 FPP's secured first place to win $200. While in May, only 24,900 FPP's were enough to win the $200 prize.

So what does this mean for you? Let's look at the following graph and try to break it down into useful information for you!


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FPP's listed here are the max possible for each raked amount. Leaderboard prizes are estimated based on Intertops' June's FPP race prize structure, which features weekly prizes of $650. Bonus $$ is based on average of $350 for deposit bonuses.

A further note: deposit bonuses clear based on FPP production. So, non-rakeback players will earn bonuses two times as quickly as rakeback players. The average reload monthly bonus is about $350 (referenced in the chart above), which means a rakeback player will have to earn twice the amount of FPP's in the same amount of time to clear the bonus threshold.

As you can see, non-rakeback players have a decided advantage in terms of FPP leaderboard contests. A solid figure to look at is the $800 raked level, where the non-rakeback player receives nearly five times the cash amount of the rakeback player in the leaderboard contest due to earning more FPP's. However, due to the unpredictable nature of the amount of FPP's it takes to win these leaderboard contests, there's no real set cutoff where the rakeback program becomes more profitable. At least until you reach the leaderboard ceiling - which, as this example shows, lies around the $1,200 raked mark for a non-rakeback player.

In essence, if you are raking $1,200 or more per week on Intertops, you should definitely be involved in the rakeback program. If you rake less than that, there's an argument for either side depending on the leaderboard contests. As well, non-rakeback players are limited to the top prize of leaderboard contests, whereas rakeback players have no real ceiling on how much they can earn back from their rake.

For more information on Intertops Poker, be sure to check out PROFRB's Intertops FAQ and Information section. And if you still don't have an account on Intertops, then PROFRB would be more than happy to sign you up! PROFRB would be honored to be your affiliate/advocate at Intertops and all US facing networks!

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