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SWC Bitcoin Poker Site - Review, Rakeback & Signup Info

Detailed and in-depth information about SWCPoker (formerly Seals With Clubs), bitcoins, cash games, tournaments, rakeback and how to created an account at SWC, the Wild West of online poker!

Seals With Clubs Bitcoin Poker Information - reads reviews, offers, krill rakeback, and signup information

SWC Poker Review

SWCPoker (formerly named Seals With Clubs) is the first, and largest, online poker room using exclusively Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals.  This rapidly growing currency has also lead to a rapidly growing poker room.  The games here are exceptionally soft, the payouts are often under 12 hours, and the rake is the lowest in the online poker industry.  There are 3 ways to play, web client, downloadable PC client, and Android app so that you can play while mobile!  Gameplay is completely anonymous, you do not need to provide identification or even an email address.  This is, as SWC describes, the "Wild Wild West of online poker."

Be sure to check out's review of SWCPoker regarding US state restrictions here. (spolier alert - SWC is available in all 50 US states and all US territories!)

SWC Poker has the most game types available of any online poker site.  The game types offered include no limit holdem, pot limit Omaha, Omaha 8s or better, PL Big O, PL Big O/8, Open Faced Chinese, Pineapple, Badeucy, Deuce to Seven Triple Draw, and mixed games all the way from HOSE up to 12 game mixed!  Unfortunately there isn't always a game running in the more obscure types, but if you sit down at an empty table games typically start up relatively quickly.  You can also use the chat feature in the software to find other interested players before you even sit down at the tables.

We here at have scoured the internet to bring you a comprehensive "how-to" bitcoin guide for those not familiar with navigating the bitcoin waters. And while it may seem on the outset to be a confusing endeavor, through our own experience, we hope to simplify the process as described below - playing with bitcoins on SWC Poker is easier than you might think!  First, set up an account:

create an account cta

Step 1:  Clear your cookies - this is mandatory for proper tracking! Click the links below for instructions.

Google Chrome Clear Cookies Button Mozilla Firefox Clear Cookies Button Apple Safari Clear Cookies Button Internet Explorer Clear Cookies Button Opera Browser Clear Cookies Button Android Devices Clear Cookies Button

Step 2: SWC Poker Logo Click the SWC logo. If you use ad blocking software the SWC Logo may not be visible. Try clicking this direct link instead!

Step 3:  If you've previously installed the software, you must uninstall it now before continuing.

Step 4:  Download the appropriate poker client - PC Client, Mac Client (more info on Mac option here), Android Poker Client, or play directly via web browser.

Step 5:    Click the green "Log In" button in the upper right corner of screen. SWC Poker Lobby Login Button

Step 6:  Click the "Create new Account" button.
SWC Poker create new account button

Step 7:  Create a new SWC poker account - make sure to input "ProfRB" as the account who referred you.
SWC Poker affiliate referral code Professional Rakeback

Step 8:  Skype or Email us your username and registered email address so that we can confirm your account is properly set up.  Also feel free to contact us if you'd like to purchase some bitcoins or SWC chips directly from us!


How To Acquire Bitcoin For Use On SWCPoker

Bitcoins are the currency of SWC Poker. Once you've set up your SWC account, it's time to get yourself some bitcoins.  Once you deposit those bitcoins onto SWC, you receive chips that you can use to play in SWC tournaments, sit-n-go's, or cash games.  1 bitcoin is equal to 1000 SWC chips at all times.  The price of bitcoin does not affect the amount of chips received from deposits or withdrawals.  Thus if you buy bitcoins at $400 USD per bitcoin and deposit them, you will receive 1000 SWC chips.  If bitcoin prices rise to $500 by the time you cash out your 1000 chips, you will receive 1bitcoin which you can then sell for $500 USD on an exchange.

We highly recommend reading below and / or using our more thorough step-by-step bitcoin gambling guide with pictures in order to set up your bitcoin holding and trading accounts.


First step in Acquiring bitcoins: Choose your wallet

A bitcoin wallet basically is an online version of a real wallet and is similar to a bank account, where your bitcoins are stored and can be used to purchase, trade, or sell. recommends using Coinbasefor their easy to use software, straight forward approach, and ease in buying bitcoins that can be used to deposit on Seals With Clubs. There are other wallets available with similar features to Coinbase, and we also recommend one called Circle if Coinbase is unavailable in your geographic location.  However, it seems that most reputable methods will still initially require waiting periods for purchases - more on that below.

Step A: Sign up for an account at Coinbase. Once you do, verify your email address and agree to their Terms of Service.

Step B: You will arrive at your Coinbase account page. Click "buy your first Bitcoin" to begin.

Step C: Coinbase gives you two options here: "Verify Bank" or "Verify Phone Number". We recommend verifying your bank information for quicker service.

Step D: Verify your bank information by linking your bank account and filling in the information required.

Step E: You can choose two ways to verify your bank information: "Instant" or "Deposit" verification. Instant verification securely logs into your bank account to confirm your info right then, while deposit verification makes two small deposits and one debit on your account that will appear in 2-3 days. You enter the amounts once you see them hit your bank account to continue.

Step F: Once you are verified, you will be able to purchase your first Bitcoin.

Second step: Purchase your bitcoins

Now that you are ready to buy some bitcoins, click "buy/sell" on your left-hand links in your Coinbase page.

KEEP IN MIND!!! One bitcoin will always net you 1,000 chips on SWC Poker. This never changes: for example, you can purchase 0.5 bitcoins and you will receive 500 chips on SWC. Chips are used to buy into tournaments or sit-n-go's, as well as for cash games.

Step A: Simply enter the amount of bitcoins you wish to purchase, and your payment method will already appear in the drop down menu.

Step B: Once you enter the amount you wish to purchase, Coinbase will automatically list the final cost before continuing on. Coinbase charges a "purchasing fee" of 1% on all transactions - as well, there will be a $0.15 bank fee charged (this amount may vary, but is typically no more than 15 cents).

Step C: If you haven't already, Coinbase will instruct you to verify your phone number before completing the purchase. They simply send you a verification code via text that you enter, and this will complete the process.

**BEFORE YOU CLICK "BUY BITCOIN" - PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY!!!** For your first purchase of over one (1) bitcoin using Coinbase, it will take approximately one week to process before the bitcoin is in your account. Typically, your bank account will not be charged until two days or so before the processing is complete. Once this process is complete and you have your bitcoin(s) in your account, subsequent transactions will take about an hour to process from start to finish.

**NEW! Added 11/16/13** You can make an initial purchase of up to one (1) bitcoin on Coinbase that will now be processed and in your account typically within 10 minutes.

Third step: Depositing bitcoins for SWC chips

Go to the SWC website, sign in, and click "my account". Have your Coinbase wallet account open as well.

Step A: Under the deposit tab on your SWC account, there will be a "Current Cash-in Address" consisting of a long string of letters and numbers. This is your unique SWC account address that is used to receive your bitcoin deposit. Highlight this and copy it to a notepad file.

Step B: On the main page of your Coinbase account, click "Send Money".

Step C: Copy the long string of letters and numbers in your notepad file. Paste it in the "to" field of the "Send Money" prompt that opens on your Coinbase page.

Step D: Enter the amount of bitcoins you wish to send to your SWC account. Remember, 1 bitcoin = 1,000 chips on SWC, 0.5 bitcoins = 500 chips, 0.25 bitcoins = 250 chips, etc.

Step E: Make 100% certain that the cash-in address (long string of letters and numbers) in the Coinbase "to" field is exactly as it's listed in your SWC account.

Step F: Click "Send Money". The process generally takes 10-30 minutes before the chips appear in your SWC account.

You can visit to watch the process of your bitcoin being verified. Simply paste your SWC cash-in address in the "Search" field and hit enter. Typically, once the transaction has been confirmed six times, your chips will appear in your SWC account.

Once the chips are in your SWC account, you are ready to play on Seals With Clubs!

Is there a Seals With Clubs HUD?  --  Try using your favorite search engine and typing in the search term "Free Poker Database HUD"  It's the only heads up display that we know of which is functional on SWC.  It only works on the Windows version of the poker client.

How does Rakeback work at SealsWithClubs? -- Players who start games get 50% rakeback automatically!  Beyond that, SealsWithClubs rakeback is basically a tiered poker VIP program in which those customers who are loyal and play lots of hands, over time, rise to higher tiers and accumulate ever higher rakeback percentages.  The cashback starts at 0% and works its way up to 50% rakeback equivalent!  There are also ever increasing bitcoin freerolls tournaments that players gain access to as they raise in levels.  If you'd like to read more, please check out this link of bitcoin poker rakeback.