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Winning Poker Network: Rakeback Versus Elite Benefits VIP Program Review

Winning Poker Network's Rakeback vs Elite Benefits (VIP) programs as pertains to Americas Cardroom, Black Chip, True & Ya Poker: An extensive breakdown & comparison.  ACR - BCP - True - Ya. 

Winning Poker Network RB vs VIP further explanations and FAQ


When signing up for an online poker account at America's Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, True Poker, or Ya Poker, players often ask us:  "Should I choose Elite Benefits or the Flat Rakeback program?"  "What is the difference between EB and RB?" "How much volume do I need to make Elite Benefits superior to 27% flat rakeback?"  "Rakeback or Elite?"  and so on.  PROFRB did the math.  PROFRB knows the answer and wants to share that answer with you below.

These documents and charts may at first seem somewhat complex to interpret.  Professional Rakeback has thus provided you with this handy key with which to interpret the data. *Players familiar with PokerStars VIP program will recognize this as a clone of the PokerStars VIP program circa 2012 with a different name.  If you want to skip th explanations and see the chart immediately, skip down to the bottom of the page by clicking here

Winning Poker Network:  RB | VIP Chart Legend

= Rank Points
Rake ACC = Yearly Rake accumulated
Rake (Dealt) = Rake accumulated using the "Dealt Rake" method (additional explanation below)
RP Bonus = Rank point bonuses earned (in stages - based off of this chart)
Acc Bonus = Accumulated RP bonuses earned to that point
CP/PP's = Combat/Player Points earned at each RP level (based off CP/PP chart below)
Store Bonus = Earned at CP/PP intervals described at bottom of chart and redeemable in the rewards store
TB Convert = The total amount of tournament bucks (T$) you can convert using your Combat/Player points
Total Bonus = This is the total $$ amount earned from accumulated RB Bonus (can be released to real money balance) and Store Bonus (which has to be redeemed in the rewards store)
RB% = This is the effective rakeback percentage using RP bonuses and Store Bonuses earned for each RP level
Total Bonus T$ = This is the total $$ amount earned from accumulated RB Bonus (can be released to real money balance) and TB Convert (which has to be redeemed in the rewards store - can be converted to real money via customer service)
RB % = This is the effective rakeback percentage using RP bonuses and converted T$ earned for each RP level
Non-EB $ = Money earned on flat rakeback program (static 27%) for each RP level

Rank points are earned at a clip of 5.5 RP's per $1 in rake.
RP Bonus amounts are earned by clearing RP thresholds over a year.

Combat/Player Points (CP/PP's)

CPs and PPs are earned based on Rank Points accumulated, times a multiplier:

0-750 Rank Points -- 1x multiplier
751-3000 Rank Points -- 1.5x multiplier
3001-7,500 Rank Points -- 2x multiplier
7,501-100,000 Rank Points -- 2.5x multiplier
100,001-1,000,000 Rank Points -- 3.5x multiplier
1,000,001+ Rank Points -- 5x multiplier 

So, for example, a player earning 1500 rank points (approximately $264 in dealt rake) would earn 1875 combat points.

Those combat/player points translate into a Store Bonus. These also incrementally increase in rate the more CP/PP's you earn. Once you hit 4,500 CP/PP's, you then unlock a $50 bonus which is redeemable in the rewards store.

Let's say you have 18,000 CP/PP's. Since you are short of the next level (25,000 CP/PP's) where the value increases, you can save the points until you reach the next plateau - or, redeem them now. You have two options available to you if you wish to redeem:

OPTION ONE: Redeem for store bonuses. You can redeem four (4) $50 bonuses, which are released into your real money balance, at 4,500 CP/PP's per bonus - for a total of $200 in total bonus money,

OPTION TWO: Redeem for tournament bucks - to use in tournament play, or for the purpose of converting to real money. Your 18,000 CP/PP's would earn you $319.50 in T$ (one $215 TB, one $55 TB, one $27.50 TB, and four $5.50 T$). If you desire, follow the six-step instructions on the main Winning Poker Network RB vs VIP page to convert your T$ for real money.


The Dealt Rake Method Explained

Every time a hand is played, the rake generated is used to help calculate your rakeback. Under the Dealt Rake method, this total rake amount per hand is shared between the total number of players who contributed to the rake - no matter how much money they individually contributed to the pot. Obviously, the higher the table stakes, the higher your rakeback will be.

When playing at the Winning Poker Network, this also effects the rate of Rank Points and Combat Points at which you earn. Remember - you earn 5.5 Rank Points per $1 in rake, and you earn Combat Points at multipliers based on the RP's you earn.

So, under the Dealt Rake method at a WPN cash table, let's say there is 4 rank points to be earned by two players who contributed to the pot. One of the players who hasn't cleared the initial 750 RP per month threshold yet earns 2 of the rank points, and thus earns 2 combat points. The other player, who's already cleared 3000 RP's per month, will collect the remaining 2 rank points - but instead of earning 2 combat points, he will earn 4 of them due to the CP multiplier.

In tournament or SNG play, you still earn 5.5 RPs for every $1 in tourney fees paid. So if a player who has cleared 7500 RP's per month plays in a $50+5 tournament, he will earn 27.5 rank points. Since this player gets 2.5 CP's per rank point, he will earn 68.75 Combat Points for this one tournament.


Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

How do I determine how many rank points I've earned?

Just log into your WPN software and click the “Rewards” tab. Your rank is displayed along with RP's/CP's you have earned, and more.

Will my Combat Point balance ever expire?

The expiration date on your CPs is easily avoided.  As long as you earn one combat point in a calendar year, your CP balance will not expire.

Will cashing in my Combat/Player Points cause me to fall into a lower multiplier tier?

Absolutely not! Your CP/PP's are accumulated as you earn higher tier status. You can continue to climb the tier system based on your amount of play as you accumulate CP/PP's - or you can cash them in at your leisure using the methods above.

So converting my CP/PP's into Tourney Bucks will always yield me a higher amount?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Buying T$ in the rewards store and converting them to real dollars always gives you a better value than purchasing unlocked store bonuses. However, players who rake less than $300 per month might be better served to switch to flat rakeback and thus, would earn a better rate (a static 27%) on their money - and obviously would then no longer have access to store or TB bonuses. WPN allows these conversions via their customer service agents via email or live chat, BUT ONLY ONCE per the life of the account so choose wisely.

Charts, Spreadsheets, Data, The Good Stuff:

Winning Poker Network RB vs VIP chart
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The Excel and Open Office documents are sortable and contain data that can be edited to your specific needs.

Chart in MS Excel form (downloadable)
Chart in Open Office form (downloadable)

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